Firecracker Ladders

Our Custom made firecracker ladders are hand made to your custom requested size

One of the more challenging climbs is the firecracker ladder as it only has connection points with the rope at the center of each rung.

Firecracker Ladder  can design and create firecracker ladders to fit any challenge course, ropes course, play structure or climbing structure. We can customize each firecracker ladder for any special attachments or framework. Our custom firecracker ladders will  last a long time indoors or outside. firecracker ladders are easy to install and maintain.Our standard ladder is made with 12″ poplar hardwood rungs lashed in the middle to 3/4″ polydacron rope (other rope and wood rung options available). Galvanized steel thimbles are interwoven into the top termination for a long lasting connection.

Firecracker Ladders


  • Manufactured with high quality 3/4″ 3-strand Polydacron rope
  • 1-1/4″ Hardwood rungs x 12″ long spaced 18″ apart (other spacing’s available – call to get a quote)
  • Spliced connections end connections and terminations (Galvanized thimble)
  • Soft and Durable
  • Great for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Available in white Poly-Dacron Rope or Black Nylon Rope

Cost per sq. ft. for white polydacron rope $8.50

Cost per sq. ft. for black nylon rope $9.95

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